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Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Track People

The social networking website site, Facebook, is now being used and some say abused by debt collectors. 

One Elk Grove mother says she was scammed by a debt collector who claimed to be a college student looking for advice on her town. She accepted … [Read more...]

Tips on Dealing With Debt Collectors

Want the collectors to stop calling you?  Ask for the name and address of the company. Then write a letter saying: "Do not call me anymore," and send it certified mail. By law, it must obey your wishes. The debt doesn't go away, but the … [Read more...]

Some Debt Collectors Are Using Illegal Tactics

Here's How to Deal With Them: 
The Federal Trade Commission gets more consumer complaints about debt collectors than about any other industry. Americans report being harassed, threatened, even coerced into paying debts that aren't their own. … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy filings by state, 2005-2010

Western, Southern states lead in filings per 1,000 residents By David Munns and Tyler Metzger With unemployment high and credit cards and home equity tapped out, bankruptcy filings continued to rise in the first quarter of 2010. Click on the map … [Read more...]

What is debt reaffirmation?

Reaffirming old debt rarely wise, experts say By Dana Dratch Two things generally stop a creditor from being able to force collection of a debt: bankruptcy and time. But sometimes, due to guilt or the coaxing of a debt collector, consumers … [Read more...]