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Life After Bankruptcy

Getting past your bankruptcy filing and through to its finalization is a rewarding experience. Although a difficult thing to confront, once it is completed, your life can begin to improve. Once your bankruptcy has been finalized, your debts will either be discharged if you filed Chapter 7 protection, or you will be on a repayment plan on your Chapter 13. There will no longer be any harassing phone calls or pending lawsuits. You will either be free of your debts or on a solid payment plan. You can now begin to think about starting anew with a fresh financial outlook.

A bankruptcy filing will initially affect your credit record, so you can expect to have limited reasonable amount of credit and pay it off regularly, your credit history will slowly improve with time. As part of your bankruptcy you are required to attend a financial management class. It is wise to pay close attention and use the tools you learned to budget now that you have been able to eliminate your debts. By always spending less than you make and keeping track of your expenditures, you should be able to keep your finances in good order. Any new credit you do establish should be used as little as possible.

For advice and assistance following your bankruptcy, consult with your bankruptcy attorney for help with keeping your finances in order once your bankruptcy is finalized. With the experience and caring of the legal staff at Irons, you can count on us to answer any of your financial questions.