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At construction sites, the main concern should be maximum safety at all time. Legally, it is the employer who bears the largest burden of responsibility for creating a safe environment. OSHA’s regulations, while numerous and strict, are clear and employers who fail to comply with them act negligently, carelessly and often with an eye more towards profits than safety.

    Have you been injured in:

  • An electricity/electrocution accident?
  • A falling accident?
  • An accident involving falling objects or unsecured loads?
  • An accident involving cranes, cars, trucks, bulldozers or excavation equipment?
  • An oil industry or oil refinery accident?
  • An accident involving lack of training?

Frequently, accidents occur because the employer failed to maintain machinery and equipment or failed to anticipate dangerous situations. Construction and workplace accidents can also occur when employers demand their workers to perform duties that were dangerous or required special training (that the worker did not have). When a forklift overturns, scaffolding collapses, excavation projects cave in or workers are run over, often the accident could have been prevented by adequate employer diligence.